We coach you to take the LEAD over your FEARS and THRIVE.

In our FEARLESS FEMALE program, we deal in the "what is" and not in the "what should be".  

Yes, we largely accept the scientific stereotypes about men and women as modern brain science has confirmed our innate differences. However, we don't accept the conclusions most societies and cultures have drawn from them.


our fears HELP us survive - by driving or paralyzing us.
in the business world, they keep us from succeeding.


Women have 30-50% of a man's physical power. But we are eternally stronger elsewhere.

The prevailing conclusion from this over history is that women are the weaker sex - which is indeed false. How do we know? 51% of humankind are female. Have always been. In spite of women's physical weakness, their reproductive burden, and their vulnerability through their offspring. What is nature's secret that has kept such a burdened species alive and thriving on this mostly masculine planet?

It is much more than just a double XX chromosome which is able to repair each other better than the XY constellation of men - yielding to a massive resilience and life expectancy advantage women have over men. It is the fact that women nurture and raise boys, and thus they can trigger the magic of a mother's authority anytime in a man's life. It is also that "he" yearns for female approval and - if handled respectfully and  intelligently - can be motivated into desired behavior by the woman holding the key to this approval. 


We work with a limbic diagnostic system designed by a Stanford University lecturer of neurology and psychology and former president of the world's largest coach-training organization. While this methodology is ingenious in its approach, we have further tailored its interpretation and practical application to truly reflect the differences between a man's and a woman's limbic cosmos. Yes, we do work in stereotypes - while the world stagnates in political correctness, we successfully produce women executives and female leaders in all fields who thrive AND enjoy life!