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From her more than 20 years of experience in leadership positions, as an executive advisor, and a professional coach at C-level, Katinka has gained valuable insights into the invisible dynamics between men and women unfolding in the high-performance business environment. Her Fearless Female methodology evolved from extensive research catalyzed by her real-life practical experience as a woman in masculine structures. 

Katinka's strength as a coach is co-designing individual strategies to help women executives and young potentials reveal and overcome their fears, discovering the magic of ancient female power in constellations with men, and unleashing their full performance potential in business - while enjoying and thriving in their private lives as successful women, strong wives, and loving mothers.  

  • Professional CTI Co-active Coach, Global Leaders of the Future (MG SCC / cert.), Own Your Own Engagement (cert.), Stakeholder-centered Coaching by Marshall Goldsmith (cert.), creator and author of FEARLESS FEMALE - Overcoming Fears, Seizing Opportunities, Harvesting Performance

  • 20+ years of leadership experience in global banking & international corporate strategy, business development, organizational growth, leadership development

  • 10 years at Deutsche Bank AG (VP Multinational Corporations & HR Strategy / Business Development / Leadership Development / Post-merger Integration), 4 years at State Street Corporation (VP Corporate Communications Europe), 2 years at Computer Science Corporation, Chicago (Corporate Consultant)

  • International expertise in leadership- and organizational development, with a focus performance diagnostics and transition into high-performance cultures

  • Executive Advisor and Coach – specialized in developing female executives and leadership transition (C-suite and transitioning into boards), executive team building

  • Keynote speeches and academic publications

  • 10 years' tenure as advisory board member of Opportunity International (the world's leading organization for microfinance for disadvantaged women worldwide)

  • Member of Rotary Club International, Mensa




From his more than 25 years of military leadership experience in peacetime and wartime situations, Stefan Ackermann has gained valuable insights into the invisible dynamics unfolding in any leadership situation, especially in crisis situations and under severe pressure. His formal training and decade-long experience as a senior commander have sharpened Stefan’s instincts and intuition which allow Stefan to diagnose misalignments in a teams’ cooperation and leadership interaction.      

Often, business leaders today are plagued by insecurities in their leadership task caused by changing social and political norms and further aggravated by self-doubt and an imbalance of courage, humility, and discipline. Often, these issues also extend into – or originate from – their private and family lives. Stefan works with these executives to (re-)establish a personal leadership balance and authority comfort zone which gets the job done and secures sufficient guidance – while staying aligned to the individual’s values, emotional profile, and personality traits.

High-responsibility executives and individuals can rely on Stefan’s dynamic repertoire of unconventional and effective strategies and his fully committed, truthful, and personally tailored support in overcoming any possible personal leadership reluctance, securing a teams’ or group’s engaged following, and unlocking their performance potential by assuming full ownership of their leadership charge.

25+ years of military leadership experience with a focus on
> leading effectively in crisis situations and under severe pressure
> overcoming leadership obstacles, misalignments, and reluctance
> using unconventional leadership strength to unlock a teams’ high performance
> Creating Engaged Ownership (CEO) leadership transformation

  • Professional CTI Co-active Coach and Executive Leadership Coach specialized in the integrated application of leadership, planning, and execution tactics with special regard for brain-based behavior change under pressure and in crisis situations

  • International expertise in training leaders (Head of Training & Head Instructor at the German Military Leadership)

  • Effective leadership experience as Company Commander and Platoon Commander in various war zone deployments with the KSK (Kommando Spezialkräfte - Special Forces)

  • Keynote speeches and contributing expert at executive (crisis) leadership panels