HE is more powerful - SHE is more important

That is how it should be - but that is NOT how it is. 
The world we live in is marked by masculine-hierarchial structures. As women, we are used to adapting and stretching our limits anywhere we go. Very rarely do we find a business where we feel naturally at ease, safe, accepted, and appreciated for our contribution.



And yet, as women, we operate in masculine business dynamics. 

female boss 3.jpg

To achieve lasting change, we would need 30% women in all the business structures around us. Unlikely, ever, considering the lack of progress even in the past 30 years. Therefore, we need to infiltrate and influence by playing by the existing rules. But careful: Previous generations have exhausted themselves by roleplaying and behavioral camouflage. No - that will never work. Changing our female limbic profile of drivers and paralyzers will allow us to navigate those structures with ease and clarity - and convince by backbone and performance while staying centered and strong. 


We will not change this world, nor will we overcome man's domination of this planet - at least not in his eyes. Applying the wisdom of old women, we are reviving smart tactics of female power - while preserving the full integrity we are ethically committed to: Eventually promoting a true, honest, and mutually appreciating partnership between men and women in life and business. 

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