A woman holds the key to a man's validation in life and business.

Around the age of 8 or 9, boys realize that they will not play a major part in the greatest contribution to life on earth: Giving birth to another human being. This realization is often downplayed and rarely admitted to by men. Yet, in the absence of fulfilling male role models (an absent or tired dad is not that), devaluation of the boys' surroundings is a default result in a non-sophisticated effort to elevate themselves.

Of course, the main target of this devaluation are other boys - and then, during puberty, girls. As women, we need to know that this happens in boys who then grow up to be men and our peers in the workplace. It is during this phase that they start forming packs in pyramidical order of fear and greed while the girls are still organized in "circles" of mutual involvement - and, yes, queen bee mobbing. 

Our research of the past 25 years has yielded a simple dynamic which unfolds when members of these two opposing systems meet in a competitive situation. 

We teach female managers and executives to scout and navigate these masculine landscapes with ease, and also - to recognize the unique power they still hold, and always will hold, over a man in their vicinity. This is true regardless of a woman's age or appearance. Different dynamics are at work, and awareness is the key.