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“And God created Man in His Own Image - Male and Female He Created THEM.

And God blessed THEM, and Said unto THEM, be Fruitful, and Multiply, and Replenish the Earth, and Subdue it, and have Dominion…Over Every Living Thing that Moves on the Earth.

And God saw Everything HE had Made, and Behold, it was Very Good.” Genesis 1.27 ff



Men and women struggle to live together in peace. Since men are stronger and women are reproductively vulnerable and burdened, this imbalance of power has led to grave suppression and exploitation of women - leading to deep unhappiness and desperation of men. This connection is not easily recognized: Men tend to believe that lording it over women is convenient and improves their quality of life as men.

Here are the 3 deep secrets men have been denied - and women have long forgotten:

  1. Men long for nothing more than to EARN the approval and favor of a valuable woman.

Since men can take anything from women without earning it, they have largely stopped doing so, often drowning the resulting deep inner deficit with alcohol and violence. And since women have been under threat for so long, they have largely stopped behaving in a “valuable” way, rather making themselves small to stay alive. Yet, any man dreams of having to fight for - invest - sacrifice for that special woman, to be chosen by her and deemed worthy by her to be her husband and the father of her children. The highest purpose a man can gain: to protect and provide for, to guide and keep safe - to bear full responsibility for those with whom he is one flesh. True fulfillment and justification by serving a valuable HER who chose HIM.

2. It is MEN who need to be competing for a WIFE, not WOMEN competing for a HUSBAND.

Without comparing humans to animals, one look into nature shows the order that HE must fight for, invest and sacrifice to be considered a worthy MAN - only this effort wins him the perspective of winning a deeply satisfying accolade FROM one special HER. Men are not inherently lazy - they just no longer find the deep motivation of winning the favor of a valuable woman… as in many regions of this world, women have had to devalue and offer themselves up in competition with each other to survive. The more alcohol and violence amongst the men, the lower women have had to go - quenching any value their approval may have once won by a man. This leaves him superficially and self-servingly content, yet rotting away inside and spoiling his spirit until he turns into an evil exploiter of women.

3. Men and women have peace where HE is more POWERFUL, but SHE is more IMPORTANT.

GOD himself - in His everlasting perfect wisdom - has revealed in Jesus how a MAN and a WOMAN can live together in peace, enduring because they need each other and they care for each other. Starting out with faithful marriage, Jesus serves as the role model for husbands - while the church signifies the wife. “Husbands, love your wives, as Jesus loved the church and laid down his life for her” (Eph. 5.25). Jesus was clearly more powerful, yet considered the church more important than himself as proven by His ultimate self-sacrifice for her rescue. The Bible teaches men to love their wife as they do their own body - nourishing (providing) and cherishing (protecting and carrying) her. The wife is to respect the husband and step under his protection, as otherwise his sacrificial efforts will be in vain.

Three Mistranslations - Small Mistakes - Much Suffering